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Give this guy a job. Please? ;)

Interactive media artist needs a job. Has completed a very clever Nokia project. Check it: Little World

Who is this guy? His name is Kevin Cannon and he’s an Irish designer studying at the Copenhagen Institute of Interation Design in Denmark. He’s made the pitch that human interfaces, especially phones, are mainly for making contact with other people. But the current world of interaction design treats the phone as a piece of cold hardware not a personal, human to human contact point.

Kevin has envisioned a conceptual user interface that attempts to bridge that machine/human gap by designing a more user- friendly experience.

As part of a two-week study course with Nokia, Kevin conceived “Little World,” a User Interface (UI) that blends the avatar elements of Nintendo’s Mii Plaza with the functionality of email, messaging and calls to create a customizable universe populated by your friends and other contacts.

While this initial offering might be criticized for straying too far into the realms of the cartoon-ish to be useful in a business context, it does succeed in bringing a more relatable, personal aspect to device navigation. I’m thinking we need more of this kind of approach in our machines.

This is how the world of Interaction Design can infuse empathy and emotions into the cold world of steel and plastic tools.

Give this guy a job! He’ll color our lives. 😉

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