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New ‘TV’ technology changes everything.

All the debates lately regarding the political economics of media, the need for new legislation on net neutrality and the impact on our democracy as qualified journalism is jeopardized MIGHT be muted. It won’t be because these debates are subversive or threatening national security–no, it will be a new technology that will change the conversation.

I think the new technology of the all-in-one TV=RADIO=INTERNET=VIDEO/MOVIE PLAYER device that will become the replacement for our current TV will make all of these separate ‘media channel’ arguments irrelevant.

You’ll pay one bill to a consortium to have this one device do ALL OF THIS. Broadband will be indistinguishable from cable TV from satellite radio, etc. So, our kids won’t know any difference between a TV show, from a video, from a Wikipedia search.

Channel hopping in the future will be a wild ride!

This device will win because of consumer convenience, like refrigeration replacing the ice box.

So, what part of all of this will not be democratic? Heck, we will just vote for our favorite political candidate on it too without any worry about dangling chads.

In fact, this sounds so promising, I think I’ll go into the lazy boy recliner business. See? It’s already providing new jobs!

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