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Interactive Noise – Yes? It’s off the wall!

October 4, 2009 Leave a comment
Could we see a different room please?

Could we see a different room please?

Wow! Isn’t this new media technology just great? These giant, multi-color neon light balls fall down from the ceiling and bounce off the headboard. All of them reacting to the movements in the room. Just what you need after that long day, on your feet, at the convention smiling to everyone coming to your company’s booth. Wha?

It took 20 centuries for modern man to reach this achievement…interactive hotel walls..awesome! We move and the neon light balls react. Are they waiting to move when I’m sleeping?

This is a lot better than those boring old [interactive] cave drawings. Pre-historic man didn’t have a clue. Who needs sheep? We can finally get a good nights sleep.

O, ladies and gentlemen with your new tech toys, please help me. I think this installation might make a great wall in a nightclub. Could we have some empathy for the audience. Do all of us want to interact with all of the world all of the time?

Here’s the great test for social media addicts. When you sign off of twitter or facebook, do you feel relieved from the quiet or anxious about what you might be missing? Are we forgetting what silence can mean to our sanity?

Quiet please. Bach’s Sheep May Safely Graze just came on. Nighty Night.